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Megapulsatil System of Fractional Radio Frequency


  • Flaccid Skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Eyes Dark Circles
  • Skin Spots
  • Acne Scar
  • Hypertrophy Scar
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Body Rejuvenation
  • Stretch mark
  • And more



  • Personalized treatments: The four different treatment programs are LOW, MID, HIGH, EXTRA HIGH, working for different depth level penetration according to individual treatment requirements. No disruption to the surrounding normal skin area. Carefully selected energy level provides “RF” energy precisely targeting on exact layers.
  • Low complication risk, minimum downtime and no side effects:  With a few photo type restrictions, the chance of pigmentation is low compared to laser treatments and minimum downtime.
  • Modern Design and easy to use: Modern design and convenient for the users. The 4,3 inch touch screen provide easy control and user friendly interface.




HF Fraxx System with an exclusive “SmartShot” fractional random shot control that use “RF” Radio Frequency technology that distributing precise sub ablative energy, with a significant impact at dermis and minimal epidermal damage.

With this unique feature of energy distribution called “SmartShot”, MEGAPULSE HF FRAXX provides a perfect effect, known as relaxing time, that keeps the adjacent tissues to the vaporized microdots, complete intact and healthy to produce New Collagenesis.

The effect it’s promote the dermis regeneration into papillary with reticular layer interface, through fibroblast  stimulation with sub-sequential collagen synthesis and elastics fibers formation, just as well epidermal regeneration by migrating keratinocytes.

Resurfacing and Tightening effect: Skin resurface occurs by skin’s collagen contraction and renew.

No form large crusts: Unlike dermal abrasion and deep peelings, the micro fractional radio frequency produce micro crusts, leaving in the treated area on five to seven days average after treatment.

Minimum Downtime: Recovery is quickly, allowing patients return to normal daily activities almost immediately.


Optional Tips Five option of Tips:

  • 64 Tips (8 x 8),
  • 36 Tips (6 x 6),
  • 16 Tips (4 x 4),
  • 24 Tips (8 x 3),
  • 24 Curve Tips (8 x 3),

Perfect for facial and body procedures treatment.




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